Are you Happy when you are happy? Does your happiness have a colour? How much does your Happiness weigh?
Well at our creative studio Happiness has many shades!
Incoming work promise Happiness
First pitch Approval Happiness
Cracking a badass Design Happiness
Client okays Happiness
Unearthing the unexpected along the way Happiness.
Well thats about work.
Outside of work how does one manage and sustain this sense of happiness? There are debates and researches that purport vocabulary limitations as deterrents to feelings on a broader spectrum.

Happiness. Elation. Glee. Joy. Pleasure.  Exhilaration. Euphoria. Bliss. Exultation. Delight. Rapture. Delight. Jubilation and many more.

And yet we just say ‘Happy’; I am so happy. I am so happy for you. Are you Happy?
Words have the power to communicate and cause emotions. If you were to sit and do this Happiness experiment (read each of these words and account a person/event/memory to them), you would know that being just ‘happy’ isn’t enough! Be mindful.
Well we are trying and attributing exact words to what we are feeling.  Delighted.