did you open your restaurant yet?

The experience of eating has evolved with cultures and how!
The new breed of restaurants seems to be breaking from the habit of fine dining and moving on to a more relaxed culinary experience. Less shenanigans and more quality.

The winning formula of OTIUM (Best Restauarant Design, LA) can be pinned on the passion of its collaborators (The Studio Unltd, House of Honey, Neptune Glassworks, etc). Each element thought out beautifully as an extension of food.
The new restaurants with their congenial menu, decor and staff seem to be widening the gap between love for food and love for good food.
The success stories of dedicated restaurants working at making food an experience and not just the customary fare is innumerable.If you are passionate about food and have an amazing team of people ready to collaborate with you, why not open that restaurant?

Contact us to collaborate. Let the champagne and carrots glow!