Heads Opinions, Recommendations and Art

1) what does being at bblewrap mean to you
Did you know what they did with rembrandt? did you?i wanted to be around just in case if they decided to do something like that with my paintings. It also means i can wear fluorescent lungis and hangout with these mortals.

2) where were you before this
I was travelling through the Himalayas with another friend, nietzsche, exploring water bodies and their mental designs.

3) favourite part of your job
Having an opinion!

4) least favourite part of your job
Having my opinion questioned by mortals.

5) what did you want to be as a child
I am still very much interested in working with water and these guys here have a river running in their backyard so this is a dream come true! I can play my lyre and pass my days here in the tropiques!

6) one piece of advice for people starting out there
Be phenomenal. Wake up everyday to slay. Music can help your mind travel and unravel your nerves!

7) one amazing/weird thing about you no one knows
Mona is…Never mind… i’ll find someone like you i wish nothing but the best for you. Bye