meet the team

Heads content, planning, integrated marketing and communication

1) what does being at bblewrap mean to you
It means i have to deal with tropical bugs, all kinds, no starbucks, no moonlit walks but i am still here killing it totally without hyperventilating.
so yes this means a great deal!

2) where were you before this
Before this i was in Mumbai, going to school, as a creative head. Then i worked as a creative consultant for a restaurant. And before that i worked with banking relationships for JP Morgan, TCS and before that Telecom. And also innumerable unpaid gigs, creative projects for friends and a whole lot of time on the internet.

3) favourite part of your job
Getting to
(1) express myself with eloquent words,
(2) with a fun, weird and creative team.

4) least favourite part of your job

5) what did you want to be as a child
I had no particular ambition, i just wanted to be left alone with all my books, so i guess thats what i am working towards. Oh wait, i sometimes have ornate fantasies of having poetry readings in cemeteries. 😉

6) one piece of advice for people starting out there
The struggle is real, evaluate and consult your mentors, make time for sleep, eat well, all this while critically examining yourself.

7) one amazing/weird thing about you no one knows
I love hello kitty, its quite transcendental for me. And i don’t trust people who don’t use emojis.

You can connect with her here and buy her awesome book of poems here.