We are interested in your product just as you are, so we see it right through campaign ideation to higher customer loyalty. The skin in our game is understanding hyper local markets and inspiring brands to break habits through innovation and of course we underline all our work with much love!

bblewrap culture and team

we believe we are impacting choices and lifestyles, hence we aim to connect people and enhance their lives without overwhelming reverberations. Its always feeling over function over form.

Thanuram digs revolutionary ideas, photography, installations, art and chocolates. He has a viable strategy for everything. Founder and Director of Design, Branding Strategy and Marketing. Having an illustrious career graph of working with Samsung, India and, he brings with him the cumulative wealth of strategy design and power packed execution. A MDES from NID, his work culture has evolved with a family rooted in design and advertising. He has 10+ experience in working with eclectic brands.

Sheetal she’s a poet. period. sans the Schrodinger cat drama. Expositional writing is her deal. When she’s not being excessive; she’s a slave/acolyte to minimalism and essentialism, powered by all the reading she does. Co-founder, heads Planning, Integrated Marketing, Communication and Resource Management. Previously placed as Creative Head (Olympia) VIBGYOR International Group of Schools. Independent Brand Consultant and Service trainer to Warehouse Kitchen, Mumbai. With 8+ years of experience in Relationship Management and 3+ years in Editing and Content. Also trying to marry artificial intelligence with poetry.

Jishnuram has an experience of 8 years in New media design. He manages Web designing, UI, UX and Planning at Bblewrap. With 8+ years of expertise in Interface Design, OS design, System Design UI/UX, he has a progressive career path that has a basis of BFA (Gold medal), followed by MDES from NID and experience with and Infoedge, Noida. He is proficient with branding, typeface design and mobile applications designs. His work was chosen one among the world’s best organic design and got featured in China based Send Points design publisher’s book “Organic Design, products inspired from nature”-Hong Kong.

Kameela is our first employee and a graphic designer. She has her BFA in place with her other talents of package design, character design and illustration.She is an aspiring serigrapher and loves to gift people with customised cards.